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3 Great Ways To Keep Your Bicycle Safe

If you are someone who uses a bicycle to get around you should be aware of how easy it is to lose one. You only need to leave it unattended for a few minutes for it to be stolen. You may wonder if anyone really bothers to steal a bicycle. The answer would be, yes, more people than you could ever imagine would. A bicycle is something that is very easy to steal and equally easy to sell off. The entire process of stealing and selling one can be done within a day. It is mostly untraceable and therefore the chance that the thief would get into any trouble is minimal. Here are 3 small tips that you could keep in mind in order to ensure that your bicycle is safe.
Never forget to lock it  Almost all stainless steel nuts and bolts have a special feature that allows you to lock your bicycle by attaching it to the rack. This way if someone wants to take your bicycle, they will have to take the entire rack with them.  When your bicycle is parked on one of these racks instead of in an ordinary spot on the road, the chance that it attracts the attention of a thief is also less. However, you are not always going to come across bike parking racks wherever you go. There will be instances when you have no option but to park it in a random spot where space is available. Buy a solid lock for situations like this. You should think about going for a lock that allows you to bolt your bicycle twice. This way, no thief will be able to work their way through the lock in a few minutes.
Register and mark it You should be able to visit this website that keeps records of the bikes in the area. All you have to do is register your bicycle on this website with a unique code or number. If you have insurance for your bicycle, you could use the insurance number to register it. This way, even if your bicycle is stolen, retrieving it will be a simple task. When you inform the authorities that the bicycle was stolen, they will contact these websites and give them information about the incident. This way, if someone tries to register that same bike on any registry, you will be alerted.  Giving your bicycle a special mark will also make identification easier.
Insure it Your bicycle could be one of your most valuable possessions. Therefore, getting insurance for it should be something you should think about. Most people don’t consider bicycle insurance to be really necessary. Anyhow, there will be more benefits than costs by doing this.