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In Which Type Of Glass Shall Australian Whiskey Be Served

This is a huge world with seven continents and more than one hundred and ninety five countries. Each country and continent has its own culture, custom and values. These things make the world even more interesting place and make people inquisitive about different things. Each country or continent specializes in one such thing which is famous all across the world due to its quality, uniqueness or any other such factor. Australia is one such continent which is famous for different things; whiskey can be counted as one of them. In this article, we will be discussing about the Australian whiskey. Moreover, we will also be discussing the fact that which type of a glass is best for the whiskey to be served in.


Whiskey is a kind of an alcoholic drink which is made by the fermentation different grains. It is composed by the amalgamation of different grains like corn, barley, rye and wheat. These grains are then mixed with microorganism like yeast and bacteria which converts the mixed grains into their simpler forms and eventually forms the drink or whiskey. Even though both right wine and whiskey are alcoholic drinks but there lays great differences between the two. Wine is made from the grapes whereas whiskey is made by the fermentation of different grains. Wine is either in red, black or white colour while whiskey is mostly in golden colour.

Australian whiskey:

As Australia is best known for its wine production, similarly it is famous for its whiskey taste and quality as well. There are various types of Australian whiskey which are appreciated through tout the world. Single malt scotch, best single malt whiskey, blended scotch, blended whiskey are some of the best types of Australian whiskeys.

In which type of glass shall Australian whiskey be served?

Most of the people have misconception that the dish or glassware in which the food item or drink is served does not matter but that is not the case as the utensils in which food or drinks are being served leaves a lasting impression. Rock glasses are the type of glasses that are being used since ages; these are plain in shape with no twists and turns. However, the glasses which are most suited for the Australian whiskey to be served in are the ones which have wide open mouth and slight inversion at the bottom of a glass.


Whiskey is the kind of an alcoholic drink that is composed by the fermentation of different grains like corn, rye, barley and wheat. All of these grains are mashed together and then converted in to a liquid state. Australia is equally famous in manufacturing the best quality of whiskey as wine. There are different kinds of whiskey that can be found in Australia. Australian whiskey is best served in a glass with wide open mouth and slight inversion at the bottom. “Nicks wine merchants” not only sells the best quality of wine but also sells the best quality of Australian whiskey as well.