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Types Of Grease Traps

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It is not possible to prevent grease growth in your kitchens.  Everything being washed in the kitchen seems to be soaked in grease. It is for this reason that it is very important to keep the drains and pipes clear. There are different ways to remove the grease from the set up and one of these is adding the Sydney water grease trap. The trap as the name indicates gets hold of the grease and prevents it from going down the sewage. Usually they are fitted under the sink to make sure that the grease gets trapped right in the beginning.

Depending on the kind of set up and the extent of usage there are different kinds of traps that are available. After discussing with the seller or any other expert at the field you can choose what the right choice is. The three main classifications of the grease trap include:

  • Passive grease trap
  • Automatic grease trap
  • Gravity grease trap

Here is a description of each of the types so that you can choose what actually the right choice is for you.

  1. Passive grease trap

Also known as the manual grease it is the traditional way of handling grease in the limited size establishments. The initial investment is never too high. There are different sizes available that you can choose from according to your space. It is even available in larger size to work with the commercial setups.  The early grease traps under this category were introduced in 1885. The basic design is the same; it is the working that is actually improved. They are available in both steel and plastic construction. What makes this a great choice yet complex to handle is the regular maintenance. The task is even more tedious due to the manual clean-up.

  1. Automatic grease traps

Automatic systems are known by the name AGRU. It is the acronym for automatic grease removal units. It is inspired by the early models of the traditional Sydney water grease trap. There is an innovative way of reheating and getting rid of all the greasy stuff in no time. The fats, oil and gas residues known as FOG are transformed into the skimmed form that can be taken into a collector bin from where they are completely removed. As you can schedule the entire working therefore there is little to worry about the entire grease removal.  

The system is similar to the passive systems as there is variety of sizes that you can choose from according to the personal requirements. The initial cost is much higher due to the sophisticated procedures. Their efficiency is unquestionable but what is the downside is the limited life and higher servicing costs. They are always doing a great job like the stormwater pits Sydney that saves from the excess water storage.

  1. Gravity grease traps

Gravity systems are concrete based in-ground tanks. You can also find the same made out of fibreglass or steel like stormwater pits Sydney. They do their job almost like the passive hydro mechanical trap. These traps are greater when it comes with the capacity. It is generally added to high-flow applications.

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